Get your art on a skateboard deck and earn some £££


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Hi all,

Firstly sorry for the spam if this is not of interest to you.

A good friend of mine is setting up his own business selling skate hardware ect... And is looking to get some designs for the boards, clothing ect... He is willing to pay competitive prices for the chosen designs, so there’s an incentive for you! Plus the option for you to keep earning by having your own line of designs being sold off the company website.

If anyone has any free time in the evenings or over lunches and fancies putting any designs together, it would be much appreciated! All designs chosen to be used will receive payment for them.

I know we have some seriously talented people on, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for people to earn some extra buck as well as showcase their work.

If anyone is interested in this please email me @ rob.hicklin [at] or Richard @:

editionskateboards [AT]

I’m doing some designs myself and have the templates for boards, hoodies and t-shirts, so if anyone once them let me know and ill send them over.

Here is an email from my mate with more details:

I am in the process of setting up a new skateboard brand, edition skateboards. We have a full range of skateboard hardware and a limited selection of clothing and accessories. We are currently looking for visual artists,graphic designers, to work with us or collaborate with us, for either a one off or from time to time. We are very flexible and easy going.

We are interested in your ideas if you are willing to share and be part of the team (as little or much as you want).

We are currently looking for a company logo, 5-6 skateboard designs, 2 wheel designs, packaging design for skateboard bearings, numerous T-shirts, hooded sweat, crew neck sweat.

We do not want to tell you how to design anything or what we are looking for, but rather you show us your ideas so we can get a vibe of your style.

To help you edition skateboards is trying to be a peaceful company, polite and happy using renewable wood and going for the environmental choice where possible, with influences in turntableism (music) to nature to the raw skateboarding streets of the uk, and would like our designs to match this peaceful, natural vibe.

If anybody is interested in working with us or wants to hear more about us please email us at [email protected]

Kind Regards

Edition Skateboard
Guys, I really hope your venture goes well. However, you really shouldn't be asking professionals to produce designs for you on spec so that you can 'get a vibe of their style'!

We all have websites showing our styles that you can view. Mine is

Really you should be asking people to submit work they have already done, choose your favourites, contact them and discuss your requirements and your rates of pay in more detail. The, and only then, you can ask them if they have any ideas they want to submit - in rough form. Then choose what you want and commission the artists/designers to go to final artwork.

Ask yourself, would you ask for legal advice, tax services, computer services, building repair, or any other professional service in this way? No, you wouldn’t. Because their time has value. The same as ours.

Please visit this website to find out more about an acceptable approach to commissioning work: