Gerber Edge Printing

Titch Sanders

New Member
Hi folks,
having just discovered this forum, and indeed not being too conversant with terminology, I rather hoped I may get some advice on printing onto Clear material.. needing an overall White 'backing'
Is there anyone that could/would offer any advice please? I'm not one that is after something for nothing of course, maybe I could offer some help in return?? To get an idea of what I do, I'd suggest a Google search of 'Titch Sanders' machinery decals.. that will get you to me...
Thank You,
Titch Sanders
Initially too, I do use 'older' software, that has been perfectly compatible with my work for over 20 years.. I just want to improve some specifics really. I use CorelDraw/Signlab/Omega & Illustrator software mostly, if that means anything to anyone?
Many Thanks,
Titch Sanders