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As you may or may not know we are "trying" to create a new skin for the forum. Unfortunately due to our other business interests we are struggling to find time to put into this.

We have a new logo which has kindly been designed by Gareth from Dot Design (just confirming colourway), we have somebody to do the coding but what we are struggling with is finding time to work on the overall design which needs to be supplied as a PSD file.

Just thought I would test the water to see if anybody may be interested in working on this with us? We are looking for somebody that ideally already designs for web, not really after a coder but somebody who specialises in the design aspect of websites only....with a good portfolio of work.

I am going against my own rules by posting in here but unfortunately the job is un-paid, the forum is not for profit so we have no budget for this. I understand how some of you may feel about this and I don't need the lecture :icon_smile:, however, some of you may have some spare time and be really interested in something like this.

Obviously FREE advertising space by means of a banner and a free text link from the forum homepage along with the "kudos" of being involved in re-designing our beloved forum are what we can give in return.

Anyone interested?
Boss Hog do you have a specific design/colours/layout in mind already?

I keep coming back to this thread and thinking about it...

I have done photoshop design template ideas for online competitions before, but they had very specific styles and ideas in mind and it was easy getting onto the same wavelength. I am holding back, not because it's for free (most of the forums that I have already done were for free... and adds to portfolio content anyway) but mainly because I don't know enough about what you want. ;) I could go around in circles for ages stabbing aimlessly in the dark otherwise and I would prefer being on the same page with a specific brief from the offset - I am not sure that I would want to design it from scratch, if that makes sense...
Seeing as though someone has already done a logo I would assume layout, colouring ideas could be bounced of that.

Exactly, we are just confirming the colourway for the logo and then the forum design will take this colourway into account, as soon as we have agreed on this I will post further info, if anybody else is interested just let me know below.

Cheers :icon_thumbup: