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Hi people :icon_biggrin:

Im 15 years old and taking graphic design for GCSE, and the breif was to design a flyer or poster, no bigger than A4 for a music event of your choice, around the same time, I got asked via youtube to make a poster for a channel called "GrimeWatchUk" which is basically a youtube channel with lots of Grime (Rap) music on it. SO I decided to do it for my coursework (which is a good exscuse to spend several hours a day in my room doing "work", even my mum can fualt me for that!) anyway.....here it is :) Any grammar mistakes will be corrected in the fullness of time :)


100 of these are going to be printed, so I wanted to make it like something that would catch your eye from a shop window, all feeback is appreciated!


I'd say that you need to break up the main section of text into more readable 'bites' and introduce some different levels of type. Decide what is most important and let that shout, then work your way down.
Contact details are obviously critical, so don't make them too small.

Not bad though.
Don't forget to include bleeds in your artwork - when it's printed all the way to the edge, you need extra image coverage of 3mm all the way around the outside of your finished document size to allow for this. Any elements on your page that don't bleed off should be at the very least 3mm away from the finished edge of the page, preferably 5mm.

So your finished document size for an A4 (210X297MM) would be 216x303.
(I am assuming you are using photoshop here, something like InDesign or Illustrator CS4 would be set up using their bleed guides).

All of your important artwork that didn't bleed off would be within a 200x287 area in the centre of this.

Bleed is important for trimming - when your poster gets trimmed to size, if it doesn't have the extra image outside the finished trim size, you could potentially end up with white non printed areas at the edges.
most of it, i understand that's the style and im not really slating it off just saying some bits are hard to read because of the font. im sure you could keep the theme/style and people it will appeal to but make it a bit easier to read.

people are lazy and if they struggle to read it instantly then there not likely to at all.
Lose the dot on UK - it's not necessary and looks a little untidy. As someone else said, I'd break up that copy a bit. Probably everything up to 'sessions' a bit larger, then the other bits up to 'now!' then the last bit. There are a couple of double spaces in after producer, any, and official. And it's 'you're' not 'your'.

Lastly, your 'designed by' bit at the bottom doesn't tie in with the rest of the poster - the font is too different and it's too big. not sure about the grey band wither - it'd look a lot better smaller, white out under the web address.

Having said all that, it's looks pretty bloody good considering you're only at GCSE level.
Thanks :)
Ive almost finished the second one :) and il post that,
thanks SparkCreative, im glad you pointed out the grammar mistakes! Im pretty crap with that sort of thing, and yes, im gonna change the "designed by" bit at the bottom :)

I like the poster. But some of the text is quite hard to read (i.e. the 'C' in Crime). Also, try not to fall into the hole where you want everything to be 'glossy' by using the effect you used on the main orange text.
Sometimes just plain coloured text makes a bigger impact.