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Hello there, First off thanks for viewing this thread!

Right, down to business! :)
Myself and a few close knit friends are currently playing high end professional gaming content in World Of Warcraft, We have received a lump sum of income via donations on livestream's and also YT monetisation etc to develop our own website. We've got a few quotes for the website that we are looking into however, we are in need of a new updated logo.

I am willing to pay £50-100 via paypal for the logo or however much your looking to charge if I fall in love with it.

The team's name is 'Bad Example'.
The logo needs to be small but sleek with a professional style. We don't really want alot of colour in the logo, maybe just one or two colours to 'blend' etc.
I'm personally terrible at graphics and thats why i'm branching out to this forum (I was recommended to come here!)

If you wish to contact me for more information you can pop me a comment and i'll get back to you!
(I understand the above is nothing to go by, so you may wish to contact me) ^^
Hello, This might be the sort of thing that would suit the style of the forum member Deadletter as he's got plenty of experience in single colour mythical/magical branding. Why not have a look at his portfolio and see what you think. I cant speak for him with regard to your budget or his current availability but I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss the project with you. :)
Hello gamers! :)

We are Luminosity, a freelance collective of graphic designers and a motion graphic artist. Together we have 15 years industry experience and have worked for a large number of clients.

We are really interested in helping you to create your new logo. If you would like to have a look through our portfolio please head over to our site:

If you want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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