GA vs Awstats


In analyzing and monitoring your site, what tool do you prefer better and why?

For me, I prefer to use google analytics because it provides more detailed report for your site's traffic.
I have a WordPress website so I'm using WordPress stats plugin, which works well with no problems.
With google analytics don't you have to place code on each of your web pages?
Yes Google Analytics involves adding code to your pages and is really good. What plugin are you using for Wordpress Gareth?
Its called 'WordPress Stats' and it gives a broad outline of traffic coming in, nothing too detailed, but it updates quickly throughout the day, so its fine for my uses.

I use Google Analytics, I find it to be more accurate than AWstats and the presentation of the information is much better. AWstats always seems to over count traffic. I don't know whether it is due to how it tracks visitors or less accurate filtering out of bot traffic but I never feel confidence in the numbers it comes up with.

If you use Adwords then Google Analytics is particularly useful as all of your campaign information is linked in with analytics. The e-commerce tracking is meant to be very good as well although it can be difficult to get it working properly with some e-commerce systems. If you manage it though it is invaluable to be able to have a precise conversion rate and value for different traffic sources.
I have just started using It provides much of the info you'd get from other stats systems, but what's interesting about this one is that it's supposed to give users' other interests related to their lifestyles like their hobbies to help you understand your users more.

Hope it helps!
I use GA as its useful for browsing stats of more than one site at a time!

LogoPro looks after a few of our close friends websites also so it comes in handy :icon_wink: