Fury over sky-high Adobe Creative Suite 5 international prices

Mate we get ripped off on everything we buy over here, it's a joke!!! Thing is none of us ever do anything about it, which is why petrol prices just keep rising and rising with 2/3rds going in tax to the government....makes me sick :icon_yucky:
Perhaps we should rise up! A revolution!

MPs don't care about the self-employed or small business owner. They get their years salary if they don't get voted in and a sodding great pension anyway. We work all the hours and get paid peanuts!

I'm going to the states this summer. I reckon I can fit a load of these in my case if I lose the packaging. Any orders?
Then they wonder why there has been a rise in piracy!
those price differences are sickening, its bad for the european economy if people are forced to buy over seas.

This is quite a nice deal, buy CS 4 and get updated to CS 5 by Adobe for free:

CANCOM UK - Adobe CS5 - The Apple Mac Specialists

I've done this before at a previous job but last time I bought the software before the newer software was released. This time I've bought it after but have been reassured by the sales guy at Cancom that Adobe are doing it to clear all the old stock. Anyway, it saved me about £300 on the Design Premium package.

Edit: Of course, it's still way too expensive!
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Sorry boys,...... work offered, I jumped:

So is it worth getting then? I actually only need the design standard as I use the Panic apps for web work these days.

What's the compatibility like on InDesign files? Once saved in 5 can they be opened in 3 or am I going to have to upgrade ALL our machines?
InDesign is a twat! The company I work for hold over 80,000 indesign files and every time weve upgraded there have been issues! the biggest problem has been the upgrade opening the files with a [converted] extension, meaning each file you open has to be located and saved over! We had one machine that didnt get updated at the same time as the rest and it couldnt read files made by the new indesign.
Indesign is indeed a twat. A printer I use is still on CS2. To get to a stage where he can open the files, I have to backsave to CS4, open it is CS4, backsave to CS3, open it in CS3 then backsave to CS2. And every time you do that, something might move about or change.

Adobe are a bunch of w***ers making their software that way and forcing everyone to upgrade very time there's an update. Which is often.

Is the update worth it? Only the Photoshop one. But to buy that alone costs pretty much as much as the whole suite.

Be nice if there was some proper competition for them again like when Macromedia were still going.
In a word: rip off britain.

It's little wonder piracy is so rife, if you lower the prices they shall buy ( or something like that, heard something similar on field of dreams... :) )