Funky printer advice please.


Okay so a while back (and up until now) I was toying with the idea of buying a riso printer. I love making and printing my own zines and love the tactile, come-off-in-your-hands feel riso gives. After looking around for quite a while it seems like riso printers are outmoded (which i guess i always know) and i'd be worried about parts/inks being discontinued. Beyond that I'm at a loss as to where to look for printers that might give similar or other interesting effects that are reasonable to buy (upper limit of 500? 2nd hand would be fine too) and maintain. Would love to hear some discussion from any of you printers out there :)
cheers, Tom
Riso as a company are still in business and as long as they are, I'm pretty sure they'll keep supporting older equipment. An alternative would probably be to buy a screen printing setup. Screen printers seem to be going out of business faster than the pubs these days so it's not hard to pick up a complete setup for not a lot of money.

Just had a look on the Riso website and they claim that all of their printers have interchangeable colour drums so if you were to buy an old riso printer, you shouldn't have any issue maintaining it or getting hold of inks etc...
A screen printing bed could be a good shout. A different route to where i thought i might be going down but definitely worth looking at.
And I know riso are in business but I'm struggling to find a second hand one for a decent price. because they're really meant for churches, schools and small offices they're at a price which is pretty inaccessible. I'm kicking myself that i didn't but the 400 quid one on ebay when i had the chance. damn my indecisiveness.
To be honest, I feel like it's time to invest in my first piece of kit and a riso printer is what I'd love because that style of printing is what I'm passionate. there's no way I could afford one new, but I could stretch the budget to maybe 1k. But at the moment I'm having a hard time even finding anywhere that sells refurbed risos or anything like that.
Have you tried contacting some of the companies that sell reconditioned & secondhand Presses? A riso may be too small for them to deal with but you may hit lucky or they may know where to find one.

Alternatively have you tried contacting Riso uk? The size (and cost) of their machine makes them more of a lease hire product than an outright purchase so maybe they can give you details of where their retired machines go or who to contact.