Frutiger LT Pro

Yeah I have seen their site and am not too impressed with the price tag. Unfortunately I have to use this font for a specific client. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and purchase it. Call me naive but what is the obvious shady way? This is a particularly difficult font to find...
Call me naive but what is the obvious shady way?
Nicking it, I'd have thought. There are literally hundreds of torrents out there. That having been said, I wouldn't feel comfortable complaining when I get ripped off by a client if I knew that I'd half-inched a bunch of fonts...
I've already quoted for the job and they might not like the fact that I'm charging an extra £400 on top of the bill! i don't seem to have any other option though.
...unless your profit easily covers that £400 you're mad! If a font is required and you don't have it then either the client pays for it or something else suitable needs to be used...surely??
I'm not going to pay for it out of my own pocket!! I will just bill the client. They just won't be happy with the fact I'm adding the extra and I'm trying to keep them happy. I have to use this specific font as it's for a corporate client they are using who definitely won't except a substitute font.