Frustrating page layout

Hey guys, this is for a book I am designing (which is a triangle shape, but more on that later.) At present I have composed the elements. Which include the photo, and modified futura, and the sigil (amazing the things you can do with an old bedsheet and a sister willing to stand in a cold field for 15 min =p.)

Though I am getting frustrated on how to make them work together. This is not even including the body text yet. This is the first time I have attempted a layout like this, so not sure how to approach it.

It is for a fantasy/horror story, so I need it to invoke mystery and terror. The black gem is the object which the antagonists worship.

Also if anyone can give me any critique on the individual elements that would be great to. The second image is of the what a double spread will be shaped as, with a couple of the larger modified letters.
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Aye I agree on the O......I was thinking of using the diamond for main titles only, and once at most....though now need to do another O.

Any advice on the spreads?