Front-end designer wanted


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Hello all,

I'm looking for a partner experienced in front-end development (that is HTML, CSS, Javascript) to help on a website I'm building. The website is targeting a relatively small niche, and functions in a similar manner to AirBnb. Two sites have recently been launched in the US focusing on the same market, and have managed to raise a combined 8 figure sum from venture capital - needless to say its a big opportunity. No similar website exists in the UK. The backend is around 2/3rds done (in PHP), all that's required is a designers flare :)

I would be looking for a partnership rather than simply paying someone (although I have funds in place so we could come to an arrangement if cash was a big issue). You would not have to put every waking hr into the project, just a few hrs per week (which is all I am able to do for the time being), so this would ideally suit those looking for a side project.

If any of this sounds interesting please PM me. Thanks in advance.
That depends, but I'm happy to give, say, a 25% share if there is a commitment to the website rather than just doing the job and moving on. Open to alternate ways of structuring an agreement though. What I want to avoid is all cash payment as I'm looking for someone to help build a business (otherwise why not just pay for a web designer!).