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Hi people.

I am wondering if anyone has a second to advise.

My old website is on a domain. I have recently re-designed it but want it to show on my .com domain from now on. I also want current clients who might go to the domain by accident to see the new website at the .com domain.

At the moment I have 2 versions of the website (the old showing at and the new showing at .com) on my sever. What is the best way for the new re-designed site to show at both domain names. Do I have to have 2 versions of the new website on the server, one as the .com and another as the Or is it possible to have just one copy of the re-designed website that shows at and .com

Many, many thanks in advance to anyone that can throw there two pence in. ;):giggle:


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You only need one server/host, domains then point to said server/host although you'll need to change some settings if you want a preference of or .com for search engines etc.

Personally I only have a domain as I primarily deal with UK companies.



Thanks for that information Levi.

I will take a look at the link you sent and try and follow the directions.

Thanks again and enjoy your Monday :giggle: