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Hi There,

I'm a rare poster on here. Basically I'm a graphic designer 2 years out of University. I have some experience working in house.

However I have just been approached by a design agency about doing some freelance design work.

I have been asked how long it would take me to turn around artwork (does that mean how long it should take me tot complete a job). If so what should I say. I know how long it would take to complete a project, however I don't want to give myself to little time so that I am rushing, but also don't want to come across as lazy or slow.

The work he asking for is things like A5 Flyers and 4 page Brochures.

As I'm new to this side of Graphic Design, I was wondering how much I charge as he is asking me for my rough prices.

Should i give him an hourly rate (I was thinking £12 p/h) or charge per project?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Very Much
Tell the truth, it depends on the project.

Have a think about how long it will take you to design the average brochure, leaflet etc and let the client know.

Point out that the above timescales assume that the project runs smoothly.

Also mention that its subject to other work commitments (so that the client doesn't dump everything on you with no notice).

You could also say that as you are portfolio building at present and because of this you are working on a reduced rate.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Yeah that does help.

I told him pretty much what you said and quoted the hourly rate as mentioned in the opening post.

The confusion was with the rate as I figured each project to be different. Which is why I went with an hourly rate.

At the moment he hasn't given me the projects. I think he was just getting some details first.