Freelance Logo project, how to prevent client from printing draft examples.



:icon_confused:Hi Guys,

Please could someone advise me the best thing to do. I have a client who I don't trust 100% I am currently designing a new logo for my client and we have already agreed on a price. I will be emailing him several examples of the design to give him some ideas and so he can pick the one he likes. What is the best file format to send him the examples in so he can't lift the designs and get them printed with out paying me more money? Or is there no way arond this?

He is tight and he wants to pay peanuts for a design that is worth much more.

Thanks guys!!

Whatever you do there is always a way of being able to print the file you send, best thing to do is to send a password protected low res PDF.
My advice? a) Don't work on a nod and a wink for people you don't trust, and b) don't work for peanuts.
Avoiding Dodgy Clients

Send a web jpeg to view on the screen only.

That's how I show clients all my designs prior to sign off. Plus you should always take a 50% deposit before starting work anyway. That way you don't end up with shifty clients, believe me, it works - shifty people don't like deposits :)

Thanks guys for all the advise. It is annoying when you become experienced and confident in a particular area of Graphic Design and you come across people who say they can't afford to pay you much for a design. We need to pay our bills and we don't like being paid peanuts for our talent. And then when you tell them what they can get for their peanuts payment they sulk. Maybe pay us more money then :) :)
Just had a brain wave!! While I have Illustrator open with the designs showing I will copy the screen and paste it in to a word document. Trim/ enlarge it to size and then email the word document to him. Perfect! :icon_smile:
Yup watermark it :icon_wink: however you send it there is always a way to lift it but there isnt much they can do if its watermarked unless they're a pro on photoshop which im guessing they arent.