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Hi there,

The events company I worked for ceased trading last week so all staff were made redundant. I had already started on an artwork only job for one of our clients so when they heard the news about us they made noises about letting me continue with the artwork for this event. For me the news of the job loss has started to sink in and I'm updating my CV/portfolios etc. I intend to write to the client tomorrow to let them know I'm interested in continuing with their artwork jobs - I've been doing their artwork for 3.5 years so they know I'm up to the job, my issue is (and this does depend if they take me on!) how much do I charge? The company charged them £60 per hour artwork charges - I myself wouldn't dream of charging that but I would like some kind of guidance as to the best price. I've never done freelance work so I don't really know where to start but if they still want to work with me I want to try and be best prepared. I will also have competition from one of my colleagues too so any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry if I've waffled my head is still all over the place!

Thanks! :icon_biggrin:

Hi Jo

Best thing is to be proactive rather than reactive. By this I mean work out your cost of doing business and then add your required profit on top of that. Don't forget to include any rent (only the percentage of which you use for doing business) and your salary etc. Usual profit areas vary and you can base this on your experience, whatever you think your time / creativity / skill set is worth.

Try this to help you out, it's an online 'rate' calculator;
FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

I've not used that particular calculator personally but I'm sure it will give you an idea, even if it's just a start.

Hope that helps,