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Hey there

I've been creating a poster in illustrator, but needed to use the trace tool in Freehand (why doesn't illustrator have a similar tool) on a logo. Once I finish in Freehand, save as EDITABLE EPS, then open back up in Illus', the image is all broken up into uniform horizontal pieces as though its been sliced up with the knife tool. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to correct it? Can post pics to explain better if needed

many thanks :icon_confused:
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What version of Illustrator are you using? CS3 and CS4 both have the live trace feature, I think CS2 as well.

(CS4) Object > Live Trace
The logo you have traced, does it have a gradient applied to it in freehand?

CS2 also has the trace tool but it is primitive in comparison to CS3 and CS4.
Hey, it's only CS i think. No gradient in freehand, just plain black. Reckon i'll just try an get a copy of the latest. But this problem has happened before so would like to get it sorted. Cheers
CS3 / CS4 dloads

Hi does anybody know of any reliable torrents / other downloads of CS3 or CS4 for mac? I just don't have the money to buy a copy...

many thanks
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Echo the above sentiments.

I assume that if you did download the illegal copy you would never charge anyone for any commercial work, because you clearly don't believe that people deserve to be paid.
Yeah apologies for asking that question, figured i'd get some frosty replies. I only asked because I saw there was a rather large thread about just that topic, with many different views on the situation.

In response though, I have not yet created / had any commercial work. When I am in a position to, I will fork out and buy the suite. Until then I cannot afford to pay over a grand for something I would only use in my spare time, we're obviously not all as well off as yourself sir Xenonsoft.

Again though, apologies to the admin for asking in the first place.

Well, we're not too well off, still in the negative and about a grand down overall. Having three of us in the business helps share the load though.