Freebie Logo Design

Hi Maddy

Its great that your building a portfolio in this way, as its a quick way of building a portfolio and a client base.

BUT word of warning - make sure your getting the kind of design that you want out of it. Meaning you need to guide the client during the design process, don't just let them tell you what they want, make sure you put forward your ideas and recommendations. Otherwise you will have a portfolio of work which you did for free that your not happy with.

Its important that your clients/customers take your advice and guidance and they don't just tell you they like blue and that they want a globe as there logo, argue your case! Remember your working for you not just them and your only as good as your last piece of work so make that work as good as you can and something you can be proud of!

Thanks for your advice. If I believe in the design I'm doing I'll be sure to stand my ground.
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Sorry Maddy, didn't want to sound let I'm lecturing you! Just know that alot of designers get taken advantage of when they start out. I'm sure you'll be fine. Keep up the good work!
Dot's right though Maddy.

Even though you may not be getting paid on this occasion, YOU are the expert and if you feel that what a client wants isn't right for them then say so.

Most clients will appreciate your feedback and input, it will also let them see that you are thinking about them as a person and a business and really putting in the effort to produce something that suits their business rather than just going through the motions.

Sometimes a client will be really stubborn and stick with their ideas rather than listen to yours, but as long as you have given them your feedback then you've done your job. If it isn't too much more work I'll usually produce a logo exactly as the client wants it but also produce a version of what I believe they should have and show them that.
Yes so it is more about what I think they should have than what they think they should have because after all they are paying us for our expertise (well, when I get some expertise that is!) and advice.

I take all your advice on board.
Its not always about what you think they should have. They may come with a great idea and you just have the technical skills to create it. Its just that if you think something isn't right for them then you should advise them of the fact.

You don't want it to seem like you are forcing your ideas on the client as that may have a negative effect. You'll soon find the knack of when you need to say something and when you don't. Sometimes its better not to say anything and just produce a graphic and send it to them saying "what do you think about this direction?"

That will then leave it open ended as to how they reply and they will also feel very involved in the whole design process. Its better than doing a logo and saying "Here, this is what you need!"

Thats probably as clear as mud. I really need to have my lunch now before I pass out from hunger :)
Yes, its a delicate balancing act, because after all - no one knows your clients business more than your client does!
Thanks. I've just done a logo and basically emailed it to the client asking them to let me know what they think so as to leave it open for feedback and possibly suggestions and obviously if I think it won't work I'll advise them:icon_smile: As there were no demands from the customer I've done the logo in keeping with what the company are about.
Hi Maddy, I think the logo you have done is very impressive, its a shame you are having to work for free, you are probably in the same position I am and need some work experience. I have recently finished uni and got a degree in Graphic Design which I have learned counts for nothing! I am finding it extremely hard to get a job and am currently getting a little bit of freelance work in, been let down a few times though now.

I was wondering how you are getting work as I also need to build up my portfolio and I'm having quite a struggle with it all at the moment lol. Any help would be hugely appreciated. :icon_smile:
Hi Spencer

Just took a look at your website, your portfolio looks really good, I have sent you a PM with regards to ideas to secure more design work.

Welcome to the forum :icon_smile: