Free fonts?

Can anyone shed some light on the free fonts available through various websites out there?

I know where to find them, but i want to know what happens to them across different formats of design?
By this i mean are they all internet compatible and do they all keep a certain level of quality when they are increased to a certain size for example on signage etc...

Can anyone also shed some light on how i get access to the font kozuka gothic on my mac?
Simple answer is they're fine.

I use a few sites to find fonts, DaFont is well known, 1001 fonts and My Fonts is very good. Most are Internet compatible and ALL have no problem with being increased to a large size. You do need to check them before you download them though, because some are not allowed to be used commercially.

Re: Kozuka Gothic, do you have the font file on your system already, or are you looking for it?
It may be something other than that - for whatever Adobe reason it is, some fonts just don't appear in Illustrator - and that is true of every Mac & PC I have used.