Free alternatives to photoshop for creating displacement maps for t-shirt mockups?

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Hi everyone,
Normally, I have adobe and photoshop at my disposal everyday on school laptop. Due to obvious reasons, the school year has been cut short for this year and I have no way of using these programmes for the meantime, in my budget. In terms of designing, I'm lucky to still be able to design using various other free alternative design platforms like Gravit designer etc etc (of course these aren't as advanced) but they work great for me.

However I have a problem. I have no way of accessing models and influencers to organise shoots for my brand which is how I would normally have promotional material and social media posts.
I've just dropped my Spring Summer drop 2 collection with no promo material apart from some basic mockups, but of course they're not realistic.
Does anybody know any ALTERNATIVE TO PHOTOSHOP to create a displacement map in which I could conform a design to the curves of a t-shirt mockup?
Examples attached from youtube videos that use photoshop.


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Hi, you can try out Affinity Photo! I came across a YouTuber showing the use of Affinity's displacement filter. It might interest you.



Hey Reign Fashion,
The most effective solution for Photoshop alternative is GIMP. Its number of unique and wonderful features will be helpful for you.
Hope it helps.