For 3d virtual software box: Tall title font and modern texture overlay


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Hello everyone.
I'm new to this forum... thanks for having me :)

I came across this software box and liked the texture they put on the dark background. Gives it a modern, fresh feel and some realistic depth, I think.
It's nice addition to a just plain background color.
Does someone know how this kind of texture would be called? I would love to buy some textures like this to use those on my own virtual 3d packaging projects.

I also wonder if someone would kindly suggest which font is useful for getting tall titles.
I'm using the google font Poppins to stretch it upwards but at some point (110%) it starts to look weird and stretched.

Help is very much appreciated.
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  • modern texture and tall font on virtual box.png
    modern texture and tall font on virtual box.png
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Couple of ideas:

Plenty more out there both free and paid...

- Jeff