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Hey folks

i have been working through a site for a client recently for my college course and i am trying to do a footer.
from what iv been doing is using an un ordered list to accomplish this, but the links turn to blue text and iv tried going into the css and that to change this but it still stays blue, can someone help me ?

iv attached a image of it, also you can add comments about the design :D its my 4th attempt at a website so im chuffed haha.




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You can target link styles in specific divs/tags using compound CSS styles. For example, say your footer has the CSS ID of #footer. You can target all anchor (link tags) in the footer by using a style like;

#footer a {styles here}

You can take this further still by targeting the link pseudo classes in the footer as well;

#footer a:link {styles here}
#footer a:visited {styles here}
#footer a:hover {styles here}
#footer a:active {styles here}

This will target the link styles in the #footer only.

NB: the pseudo classes MUST run in that order; link, visited, hover, active or they won't have the desired affect.

You can also style a:focus but don't wipe it out all together for the sake of vanity. Remember that not everyone uses a mouse to surf a website so focus is the guide when tabbing through links using a keyboard.

Here is a better description of it all from W3 Schools; CSS Pseudo-classes

Enjoy :icon_smile:
If it still doesn't work after applying the css described by Corrosive, then there's a change the css might be getting overwritten. Install firebug (firefox extension) to see where the css for the link is coming from.
Do you have this loaded online, if you can PM a link Ill scan over the HTML/CSS for you and give you the CSS / HTML you need to add in the correct place.