Fonts that have 0 KB value

Lord Anchovy

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Dear All,

I work for a publishing house and I experienced a problem with fonts. I had to provide some fonts to a customer and when I saw these fonts from the Mac of a graphic designer here at the office, they all had a value in KB. But, when I had to send them via FTP server by using another Mac (mine), some of them had 0 KB (the ones with .scr extension). This is the first problem, because I do not know why they have to have a different value. They all are in the same server, and we can access the server by using different Macs. If accessed from one Mac, they have a value in KB, if they are accessed from another Mac (mine) they have 0 value in KB.
The other odd thing is that my graphic designer colleague tried to repack the fonts and I could clearly see they had a value. And even if accessed from my Mac they have a value this time. So I tried to forward them to my customer by using both FTP server and file data transfer websites (such as Sendspace and Wetrasnfer).
After that, before forwarding the links of Sendspace and Wetransfer to the customer, I tried first of all to download them on my own. I discovered they were automatically divided into to folders, one for the Mac Os, the other for Windows (and that's good). And… the fonts for Windows had no value, but the fonts for the Mac had a value. But even after this, my customer told me that when he downloaded the files and used the ones in the Mac folder, they had zero value in KB.
Could you please explain to me how it is possible?
Thank you very much. This is an urgent problem, so any kind of suggestion will be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Do the fonts that are show as 0 kb still work? IE. do they install correctly and become useable in whatever program? Or are the font folders themselves empty?
No, the 0 KB fonts do not work. The customer tried so many times.
Other kind of fonts have a value in KB, but all the three fonts he needs with .scr extension, do not work at all.
Have you tried putting them in a folder and then zipping up the folder and uploading that? Maybe it's the way the server is treating the .scr extension...:icon_confused:
I read many information about this subject. Thanks for your link. The fact is that I am not a designer nor a technician. Apparently, there can be many reasons for that. When I transfer my fonts, the resource forks of the files are lost, this is why they have 0 KB. Different kinds of compression programs are offered in order to sort this problem out, and even suggestions about updating of OSs are proposed.
For the time being, my customer got the fonts via other ways, but in the end I failed in providing the fonts with a real value. I just hope I will not go through this again. In the mean time, I will save all the information I have obtained so far.
Thanks a lot for all your help.