Fonts and Families


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I have a lot of related fonts that are listed individually rather than as a family group.
So, for e.g. Fred Regular, Fred Bold, Fred Italic etc. rather than Fred with a submenu to Regular, Bold, Italic.... you get the picture.
What I'd like to do is round up all those estranged fonts and bring them into a family unit.
Any idea how I'd go about doing that?

FontForge was suggested - and I'd give it a shot if that's the way to go, but it seemed fairly heavy duty for what I'm hoping might be a fairly straight forward issue... Is there an app out there that can simply combine the fonts or do i need to get 'under the hood' and fiddle about with coding?

I'm not an expert in any of this so any suggestions/pointers would be appreciated
From my experience, a lot of these fonts are individual because they're intended to be licensed and downloaded separately, rather than as an actual family. I've no experience of regrouping them I'm afraid, but let me know how you get on, because having entire families separate is annoying :D