Font manager for Windows 10


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I need a Windows 10 font manager that's fairly intuitive and cheap or free.

I tried Fontbase first, but it can't work with Postscript.

I'm currently wrangling with Nexus Font but that isnt compatable with how I need to manage my fonts. I used to have Font Reserve which got replaced with Suitcase Fusion on an older system. I need something that works like those. One that 'knows' where all the fonts are and can activate them as and when. Something Nexus doesnt seem able to do. I installed my A-Z folders of fonts (after having to put them all in one folder) and now if I click on the folder icon for them it has t do a massive scan every time. (I realise the way it works is to make a custom set for each project and that just isnt going to fly)

Actually buying a W10 version of Suitcase is plan B. Maybe even C
Thought I should add that I dont want anything that's 'cloud' based or needs a subscription. Gotta be a one time payment or better still no payment.