Font installation problems on Mac


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Hi everyone. I've recently bought a new Mac and having spent the tireless task of transferring all 2000 fonts from my old Mac via Dropbox, I'm now having problems installing then.

I've got all of the TTF or OTf fikes ready to go. I have 2 problems. When I double click on the 'Install Font' button some of them have font validation problems, which when I continue with the install, are nowhere to be found afterwards. Others dont have this problem but to have the same outcome. I can't find them or use them anywhere on my system. These files worked on my old mac, but struggling to see why they're not on here,

Anyone had this problem before?
What are you using as a font manager? Maybe try exporting the files to Dropbox first, using something like Suitcase Fusion or FontExplorer (you should be able to do this with the trials) rather than just copying them if that's what you're doing. I've heard some people had problems using Dropbox because it was linking to aliases of fonts rather than linking to the actual files.
Hi Paul.

I'm not using any font manager, unless you count the Font Book application that comes on every Mac. The annoying thing is, even if I go to Font Squirrel or Dafont and download a font again, it does exactly the same thing. I'll install it, but after that it doesn't show up anywhere. It doesn't show up in my font library, or in any applications .. nowhere. Would Apple support or someone help with this?