Font inconsistency on the ipad


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I am working on a rebrand, and the company want to be able to show thier presentations on the ipad. For this reason Helvetica Neue was chosen as the corporate typeface (also available on the ipad.)

I've bought Helvetica Neue from Linotype:
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Hv.otf
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Hvlt.otf
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Lt.otf
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Ltlt.otf
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Md.otf
Helvetica Neue LTStd-Mdlt.otf

So they want to move a powerpoint doc made in helvetica neue (on a pc) to the ipad, and use keynotes to show it.
When it is opened in keynotes, it defaults to just helvetica.

I assume the issue is with the name of the fonts bought from Linotype not matching the names of helvetica neue installed in the ipad.

Is there any way around this???

Really appriciate any advise.
Not that I am an expert... but have to checked whether the font version is postscript or truetype? The latest operating systems for Mac don't recognise one of them (can't remember which one right now and would have to research it...). Saying this - I have no idea about anything regarding the Ipad, I just know that my mac upgrade just over a year ago threw a lot of my fonts out and my archived stuff is pretty useless.