Font Backup & PC to MAC

I am sure there is a much better way :icon_dunno: however, I just copy my Fonts folder to my back-up drives.


...not sure about conversion.
I'd apply the same rule, in most cases your font library will fit on a standard dvd if you don't have another drive etc. However I've read that you can also access all fonts if you go to start/run, then type: %windir%\fonts
Then you should be given the choice to select them all and paste wherever.

Am I being silly, or does a Mac recognise the majority of pc fonts these days anyway?. In any case, there's a font converter called crossfont (one of many converters), but unfortunately I can't say I've used it, but it might be worth a try, if anything I've read is a good indication. here it is.

I'm sure there's a free version somewhere.
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Crossfont is the daddy! I can't say I've ever had to use it to create a Mac font as (unless you have something ancient) they recognise truetype and opentype fonts. If you're trying to convert from Mac to PC though it's definitely worth the investment.