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I need a printer who prints to foamboard 1220mm wide by 1970mm high, and I think this would need to be about 10mm thick.

Does anyone know a good printer able to do this?

Hi Matty,

Are you looking for direct printing onto the foamboard, or, someone to say make Vinyl Lettering to stick on it, like a shop sign?

It's full artwork to be printed on directly.

It is to be used as a front for a stand which will hold an LED dot-matrix scrolling display, the stand has already been built. An area needs to be cut out of the panel so the LED panel can be seen, the client is requesting formboard as they've used that before and know it can be easily cut.

If anyone has any experience with lightweight large-format alternatives though, I would also consider them, as I'm worried the foamboard could be damaged too easily.
You could use foamex which is more solid... if you're thinking about foamcore.

I use NES or UIS in Colchester - both can print direct. (Not so good for Newcastle!)
Hi there

Most wide format companies would print on a sticker material, matt laminated and then stick onto 10mm foamex.

If you want a great company to deal with, check out 3b Design and Print. 3B Design & Print | 3B Design & Print

Adam Triggs is your man to give you a great price and service, Tel: 01354 653 826

Mention Neil at Scubaprint..
Foamex is the stuff. It is very similar to foamboard, but I believe it is waterproof.
There are options to this and one is very similar to a corrugated cardboard (like e-flute) but made from plastic.

Call Mal Palmer at Teglan Design - 01269 832425

If you call, mention Paul Cartwright.
As Paul mentioned Fomex would be the best option to go with comes in a varies of sizes from 3mm, 5mm , 10mm i think 10mm is overkill though tbh

Feel free to call us,