flyer & business card feedback

Mr J

Just a small project for a business card & flyer designs.
Let me know what you think and if there should any changes made.

I wanted to keep it quite clean, but feel I need advice on my text layout
I tried to keep the type big (as i the past I have used text for too small for previous business cards)



Business Card (side 1)

Business Card (side 2)
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I think it's a good effort - the styling is not my my taste my I think you've created a great concept.

The only small thing I would change is to lose the gaps in the url between 'snap' and 'shop' I'd prefer to write the url as it would appear in your browser.

The letter H in Handmade snap shop is also very close to the Hallmark Cards logo$ja=tsid:13061
funny you should say that; I did actually display the URL as it would appear in the browser bar. I was then wondering how it 'should' appear. I then looked on some general flyers for some inspiration and saw some with the address displayed this way, so I then changed mine as I assumed this was the 'correct' way.

I'll change it back (new i was right god damn it ha)

I didn't realize the H in the logo is the same as that company! will have to see if I can edit it to make it more unique

Thankyou for your advice much appreciated :icon_notworthy:
I'm not a fan of the font used to write "handmade snap shop", in fact on first look i thought it said "handmade suap shop" and was wondering if it was something i had never heard of :icon_rolleyes:

Yeah i don't know where you saw url's written with spaces in them but that's certainly not good practice - stupid people will put the spaces in the browser and get nowhere ;p
OK i'll look at changing the 'Homemade Snap Shop' logo to save any confusion or copy right!
I'll also most definitely get rid of the gaps.
I like it, again not to my taste but a good job....:icon_thumbup:

The only thing I would have said is the logo text is way too much like Hallmark but sounds like you have that covered now.
thanks alot for your advice! feel better about it now i've got rid of the gaps.
(i'm still learning about the what nots of typeography)

I really didn't realize the hallmark logo uses the same font, a shame! cuz i pewrsonaly love the font.

Its not usually the style i'd go for to be honest with in regards to you sayin its not to your taste. I just wanted to have a bit of a bash at a few different styles to find out my personal style

will have to post the prints
Just out of curiosity...
Is it 'bad' to use the logo on BOTH sides of the card. I know its obviously better to keep it simple, but some odd cases like this I like to have 2?
can you get away with 2 logos?

p.s. and if anybody has any good creative business card site links to give me some future inspiration that would be great