Flexible freelance designers (print) needed


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Hello everyone.

I’m the in-house graphic designer for an institute and I’m currently trying to build up a core of three or four friendly freelance designers who our marketing team can outsource design jobs to, if I’m too busy or not in the office.

I’m working with Creative Suite CS3 on a Mac and our house font is Frutiger/Frutiger Condensed.

First and foremost I’m looking for a designer with an immaculate eye for detail not only regarding design, but also proof-reading and print production. Call yourself a stickler? You’re my kind of person!

I have recently redesigned the institute’s corporate identity and worked out new design guidelines. Please have a look at them and see if they are something you could work with:

I’m afraid this position is not a majorly creative one. The right freelancer would need to stick tightly to these guidelines - there probably wouldn’t be many “from scratch” design jobs coming your way. At the moment I’m preparing InDesign templates for standard jobs, so we’re talking mainly about text layout, “finding the right picture” and sending the pdf off to print (we already have good printers on hand, so you wouldn’t need to get quotes etc).

Every now and then there will also be an A4 magazine supplement of 20 pages or even a conference programme of 32 pages or more. Most likely, these jobs will already be templated designs and should be easy to lay out. If you’re interested, I can send you samples.

You would be working with me or one of my lovely colleagues in the marketing team. We all have experience in briefing designers, so it should be a smooth process. We’re also trying to give as much “warning” as possible, when a design job is looming, but there might be the odd urgent job. That is the reason why I’m looking for more than one freelancer who’s happy to work for us.

If you are interested, please post the link to your portfolio here or send it to me at work: [email protected]. If you are happier to send print samples, please forward them to Marie Schulz at ICSA, 16 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1AH.

Please also quote on laying out an A5 4-pager (as listed on page 11 of the guidelines): the InDesign template and text will be provided, you would have to find a picture, lay out the text, liaise with the marketing contact and send the pdf to print. This way I will get an idea of the cost implications.

Please also let me know, if you found the guidelines helpful or if there is something missing. I’m always trying to make them clearer.

Thank you very much for reading and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you all for your replies. I had a vast amount of e-mails coming in and I'm working through them now. Later today I will be meeting my Head of Marketing and discuss a shortlist of designers. I will be in contact next week.

If you just read this now and feel comfortable to work with our specs, please get in touch.

And I forgot to mention something in my initial forum thread. We would like to receive all final artwork after it has been sent to print (on CD , e-mail or online FTP services - we don't have an FTP server ourselves), in case we will have to make minor changes at a later stage that I can do. If you are happy with this, please state how much you will charge for this service.