Flash to HTML5 Converter


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I haven't tried this yet and frankly I am a little narked it's around at all as I've already gone ahead and purchased Hype from the App Store - but here it is anyway, Swiffy the Flash Converter thingy.

Google Swiffy

I hope it comes in handy for someone and as soon as I get a chance to test how well it works I'll make sure to post a review.
No I don't think so - it comes from the SWF file as far as I know. Although, I still haven't had a proper chance to look into it properly yet.
Nice I've been looking for something like this.

It does work, however you need to make sure you're using web-friendly fonts in Flash. I uploaded a file of a mockup website, it turned all of my helvetica links and text into some serif font. Ugly.

One thing, once its converted, how do I actually view the new html coded file?
Nevermind - I just opened the downloaded link in Dreamweaver, it looked mental. Still didnt work when I uploaded it online to my site though.