Flash CS4 Actionscript 2.0 - Need Help!


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Hi guys,

I'm new to the site, will post an intro later on, but for now, I need a hand.

I'm a freelance designer, currently creating a website in Adobe Flash (CS4 - actionscript 2.0). It's not going live, it's really just an animated alternative to send to prospective clients and agencies instead of a standard flat PDF portfolio. So, it will work like a website, but sent as a file (a SWF file).

I've created all of the portfolio, using play/stop/goto etc.. functions going from frame to frame to frame. Sounds crazy .. you're right. It is. I have 300 single frames, full of imagery, number buttons, back, forward buttons. Took a ridiculous amount of time to do, but works really well.

Then it hit me, duh!, I'll put each project into it's own movie clip - giving it a little more life, instead of clicking to each page of each portfolio section. And this is where I'm stuck.

I've used a bunch of tutorials to create a horizontal scrollbar, but I want a vertical one, and can't find any tutorials anywhere! The few I have found, are using actionscript 3.0, but like I said above, I'm using 2.0.

I should probably learn 3.0, but I learned 2.0 originally, and just havn't got round to it.

Don't suppose anyone could provide an example horizontal scrollbar'd portfolio, or suggest where I could find one?