Flash Catalyst


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I was just wondering if any of you have demo'd the Beta version.

I just tried it and have to say i like it very much. If you've read my other post, you know I'm not a huge programming fan, so catalyst is a great change of pace. You can simply import your design and start making it interactive.

anyways, i am just looking for other opinions.... like it? hate it?

Downloaded it last night, and will be using it today to experiment with some elements of my portfolio. From what I have seen of it so far, it looks extremely user friendly. But then I have used Flash before, so this must be considered.

I like the fact that it prompts you whether you want to flatten or keep things in layers, and integrates with both photoshop and illustrator. I still reckon you'd need a degree of actionscript knowledge to make some super fancy pants work from it though, but it's like a gleaming slice of the flash cheesecake! (so far).

Gotta say that unless I'd read it on here first though, I'd have no clue about it, so cheers for the heads up.