Flash Catalyst Anyone?


Need some help on Flash Catalyst.

Anyone any good?

Help would be much appreciated, you'll get a thanks and everything :icon_wink:
Haven't much clue, to tell the truth, but I've always enjoyed playing around with Flash, and the wife is currently on a course and about to enter its Flash fortnight. Based on past experiences of the kind, that means
a) my learning curve will rise more or less in parallel to hers, as she repeats "I don't understand this" (or that) and I have to explain it to her, and
b) she will have access to a professional designer with Flash expertise who is teaching (at which he will be frankly lousy) as a sideline and who will always be delighted to show off his knowledgeability.

So ask away.

(Love the Quiller-Couch* quote, by the way, and I think you're right - Q.C was referring to how hard and how necessary it is for a writer sometimes to delete the prose of which he is most proud, and it's a sacrifice all communicators, from writers to designers, web programmers,or film makers have to make on occasion.)

* I am in fact the proud owner of twin 1920 editions of "The Art of Reading" and "The Art of Writing." This is completely irrelevant and off-topic, but I've been wanting to boast about it for years and never found the opportunity, and, shoot, as they say: if you've got it, flaunt it. My apologies to those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.
Hi John,

Yes, knew about Sir Arthur, my brother who has a degree in english literature that told me a few years ago, so makes sense.

Anyway - to flash catalyst - basically I want to create something similar to cover flow on ipods. Not so bothered about them turning on a side when they aren't the main image, but just a scroll bar that moves horizontally scrolling through my work.

Pretty certain this can be done in flash catalyst or possibly flash, just can't get to grips with it that well.


Curtis :icon_smile:
i dont think you can do this in catalyst, it was designed merely to help developers designing interfaces. It is very useful for various menus and buttons, but what you are trying to do is to create a sliding gallery.

I can do this for you. Do you want it horizontally sliding or a carousel type? Get back to me with more info if you want it done

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In that case, I think I can do it myself, in plain Flash, but thanks for the offer :icon_thumbup:

Well, I've downloaded and installed the Flash Catalyst beta, and it does look very promising, but haven't really had time to get fully to grips with it yet. One of the things Adobe specifically states the app is for is to "Create interactive portfolios," (as well as "product guides, microsites, site navigation, interfaces" and so forth) so it does look as if it should be able to do something like what you are looking for, but I haven't really seen anything quite like Cover Flow yet. The Flash Catalyst "Getting Started" tutorial is at Getting started with Adobe Flash Catalyst beta 2 | Adobe Developer Connection - I have read (but not worked) through it, and I get the feeling that by exploring the transitions, it may well be possible, but I don't think you will be able to import your images automatically, you'll have to add them to the project by hand, and all in all it might be easier for you just to stick with Flash for the time being.

I'm going to have to dedicate some time to earning a living in the next couple of days, I'm afraid, you know what it's like: meanwhile, I'll get my wife to ask her teachers what they think, and I'll let you know if or when I make any more progress.