Fitting text inside image

Gavin Webb

New Member

Does anyone have any idea on how to fit text inside an image, so that the text itself ends up being the shape of the image.

Can this be done in photoshop and/or illustrator?

An example is the word CAR inserted into the outline of a car and the wording ending up the shape of the car.


It's possible in both, and I think it's commonly used in InDesign too. There are literally hundreds of various ways to do it. Perhaps the simplest way, is to outline your shape in photoshop (the car in this instance) using apple and mouse click (alt and click for pc?), on the layer section, then simply add your text from a separate layer within those boundaries.
Alternatively, using illustrator, create your shape layer (car), then have a text layer below, highlight both layers, then go to 'object/envelope distort/make with top object' or simply alt+option+C. As I state above, there are hundreds of ways, and these two are probably the simplest, but messiest. You can even try clipping paths or text wrapping, but hopefully you get the desired result using one of the above.:icon_smile:
You can also morph the lettering, using the free transform tool, make the top of the letters teh right shape, save you cutting them off with an image mask..