Fit to Artboard in Illustrator


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Is there a way to fit Artwork to Artboard in Illustrator? Have searched Google but only found mentions of fit Artboard to Artwork. Thanks!
I imagine one reason why fit artwork to artboard isn't and option is because strokes applied to an element don't scale with size. So for example, a 10pt stroke is still 10pt even if the element it's applied to is scaled down by 50%.

One solution would be to select all (cmd a) then Object > Path > Outline Stroke. then group everything (cmd g) and resize whilst holding shift to proportionately scale up or down. The problem you will have with this is that the action of outlining strokes stops them being editable as a normal stroke.
You can turn on Scale Strokes and Effects in the Preferences, so that's not really an issue.

Best to select everything and choose Edit>Transform Scale. and increase the size until you're happy. You can control strokes and everything from that panel.
Everything is outlined anyway as I'm creating icons to be made into a font. Shame they don't have that option.

It's not really a major issue anyway, just would make life easier than having to manually resize each one.

Thanks guys!