First year university student seeking design work experience in the summer?


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Hello all,

I am a first year undergraduate student currently studying "Design for Digital Media" at university for a Bachelors degree. The reason(s) my posting is to try and find out more information and resources about seeking some sort of work experience and/or temporary employment over the upcoming summer period 2013.
I live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and so employment opportunities might not be so accessible, particularly in the field of design/new media. Thus, I decided to post on here, to seek out any opportunities further out afield.

I am willing to travel if needs be, I am hoping primarily to work away, and get some experience under my belt, to supplement my degree studies. My current interests, specifically within the realms of design/art and digital media include: conceptualization/visualization, digital design, illustration, motion/animation graphics, branding and logo design. Logo design being the most enjoyable experience.

I pride myself on my ability to visualize a design, and conceptualize an idea. Right from research stages, or preliminary working thumbnails, to the tweaking/finessing of the final product. I work well as part of a team, and problems provide a challenge and an encouragement to solve them!

Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated!
Thank-you, Ashley.