First properly designed character - My own creation!

What do YOU think?

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Thanks Helen and Sara

This was one being my first one that i did a quick sketch off...
I based this upon my own sketch
and i am currentley working on a background for it...
Is it normal that this took me around a day and a bit to complete?
Yeah My school is a relitiveley small secondary school
Its a specialized technology college so i can chose a max of 3 tech options...
Now based on the response i get from my friends... Graphics is 1.) - Followed by Engineering...
Do you think i'd have a future in some sort of graphics?
The Image below is totally finished now.
Do you think i'd have a future in some sort of graphics?

I don't see why not, you already have an understanding of the main software and seem to enjoy what you do. You are still really young and have ages to learn more, what you are doing now, practicing, learning techniques etc will only make your life easier later on.

Hope it works out well for you, in 10 years time you may just pop back here advertising your own successful design business, good luck. :icon_smile:
WOW Thanks.
I love designing things like this at the moment..
Just being able to create something that you designed yourself and that visually impresses people
Its a good feeling...
So yeah My plan is to take GCSE Art and Graphics then go on to further study Graphics...
I know its a tight industry to get yourself into
With only Perfect designs being accepeted , its quite tough
But if i have 10 years to study and learn the basics needed - Being at the level i am now , whilst being only 14 - Things could turn out very nicely for me...
The Final Final Finished piece is here

I added a black and blue gradient - wo blues ... So it would give a better effect with the lightning bolt.

Really nice that Daniel.

As Damon says, if you keep learning everything you can then I'm sure you've got the ability to become a designer in your career.

Keep it up.
You're obviously making a good start. Keep this up and by the time you're ready for a career you could be well ahead of a lot of other people
And when we say 'for your age', don't take this in the wrong way at all.

We're just saying that you're ability is clearly much better than most at your age, and therefore can progress well in the future if you keep developing. Don't see your age as a limit on what you can do, anythings possible!
Finally its glad to hear a professional here that i have talent...
As kids at school just hate me for my designs and they are bad...
But i wana see them design some nice logo's