First Poster Design


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I created this design in order to practice compositional flow and rhythm. I’m new to graphic design, and I’m looking for constructive feedback to help me improve.

This was the assignment:
Create a poster for a bicycle race. Two elements: imagery and text; each composed in the rhythmical sequence of your choosing. Any size format. Image can be a photo or an illustration. Text: Tour de France and the year.”

TIA! :)



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Looks like every other Tour De France poster - but with the exception of not having the "catch" the element that draws the eye.
Other posters of similar vain had the disc in the wheel as the shape of France, there's a catch, draws your eye.

The typography is woeful.


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It's ok if you wanted it to look like it was done in 1950. Sorry, but you need to do some research on poster design. Why is it landscape?
If illustration isn't your forte, find a decent photo.

It's not your fault if you're asked something like 'each composed in the rhythmical sequence of your choosing' - what does that even mean?!
I'm not sure it's meant to be literal, as in combine the text within the image.