First Portfolio Design - Critique needed please!

Hey Guys: I'm Danny
This is my first design of my own portfolio i am looking to create
(apologies for the red line around the outside, screen capture thing)


I've gone for a more of a simple and clean feel that i feel would/represents my style of work,
Animation will be added: You can either click the buttons directly, or control and manuever the lines, depending on where you wana go to.

(Pop up light box for portfolio with 3 sections: Sketches, Game Design & Logo's)

Contact me: Simple Scroll Contact Form

About me: Simple short brief summary.
(Might also add an intro screen too.
I have to say, I like it, nice and clean. I'm a little unsure of your wave curly wurly (technical term that!) like the idea though. For some reason it reminds me of the 80's but in a good way, like simple game designs or tetris or snake or something.

There is no apostrophe in Logos, please change it. It's one of my 'things' as you say, when people put apostrophes in the word Logos. It upsets me :icon_crying:

I look forward to a link to the finished (online) version!
Hi Daniel!

Dark backgrounds, bold colours, reminds me of my first portfolio back in uni... aaah the good old days.

Kinda like it. Would want to see how it acts before I say its good though.

I would reduce the size of the text for "01 Portfolio" etc to give it more of a noticeable hierarchy. And for SEO, maybe use a simple web-safe font for them and actually have them as coded text rather than images. Though I guess that's a redundant point if your going to use flash (?).

Looking forward to seeing how it develops! :icon_thumbup: