First Ever Website Mascot


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Hey Guys,

I've had a plan in my head for quite a while now on what I wanted to do with my site. One of which is to add a website mascot.

I haven't been drawing for long, and this is the first ever mascot I've created but I wanted a bit of feedback before I put it live in case there were any glaring problems with it you can find.

Hopefully there aren't too many, but I will admit I am a complete novice when it comes to this. All positive criticism welcome!


I like it from the waist up, just not as sure about the legs and the feet, they seem a bit too flat?

I'm also not sure about the shading down the jumper and jeans - the way it is just makes it look like two coloured clothing rather than shadow!

But I like it and I think it could work well on your site :icon_smile:
I completely agree! I think I may create a few more versions until I get it how I want. Need to work on my shadows a bit more too!

Thanks for all the help, I'll post up my next ones here when I get them done.

If you're using Illustrator, take a look at the gradient mesh tool. It's great for adding depth to images :)

Aside from the legs being flat I like it, though the neck seems a bit too bit for the rest of the body.
It basically adds a mesh over the object and you can change the colour at each point which will create a gradient :)