First critique of my work...


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Hi everyone,

I have just signed up to the Graphic Design Forum and hoping to acquire some feedback on my work. I am new to using forums so please bare with me.

I am a UK-based Graphic and Creative Designer with a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Brighton.

My work can be found at, I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give...


Harriet :icon_smile:
I like your 3d letter covered in string would like to see it in context. Also I really like the imagery in the picture labeled "Initial creative window design using vintage graphics and patterns" but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at.

I wouldn't include designs that say "insert name here". It makes it seem like you turn out generic designs instead of meeting the needs of individual clients. I'd put a name in.

Your website is very busy. I'd strip it back.

Do you really need all of those separate links for example? Your logo link back to your home page so you can ditch the "home button". Do you need a separate section for "about me" and "contact me"? And do you need to have separate sections for your portfolio and your latest work work? It all seems very cluttered.

I'd also move your twitter/facebook logos somewhere else so there is more room for everything to breath. I'm also not keen on the way the you have the button at the bottom linking to either "creative design" or "graphic design" seem unnecessary extra clutter.

Hope this is of some help and doesn't seem too mean.
Hi there, not at all... I asked for opinions and that is what you have given, you may have a point with one or two things you mention I will have to speak to my web designer.. Thanks for taking the time to have a look, much appreciated.
I like the work too, it's the website for me that is a bit of a conundrum.
I get why you've done it like that, but I don't think it works. It's a bit of a pain trying to find each thing and like people have said I don't think you need a split for current work and portfolio, not on a site like that anyway, it would maybe work when there's like a 'featured work' box or something?
Also, having to scroll to see the full 'links section' is a bit of a pain in the bum when, with the right spacing and room, you could of easily fit that full illustration in without having to scroll.

However, like I said, I really like the work :) Nice and textile(y) and hand made :) Good job.

Nice website, looks good. I think its refreshing to see so many real objects/textiles.

Well done.:icon_notworthy:

Only thing you could possibly do is add a little bit more to the top navigational bar.

Maybe add a little colour when you roll over the words "HOME" "PORTFOLIO" etc.

Apart from that, really good job.
Good fun, a refreshing change.

Transition between pages is a little strange - navigation bar creep.

Layout can make things a little diffiult to find. But... love the concept. Brought a smile!