First Client Website

Clear clean layout but I'd think about just changing your menu to text rather than images for SEO purposes.

I agree with the menu, I just didn't know how to make it look good with text, would you happen to know of any tutorials that could show me please? :)
i would make sure your header texts are the same, for example on the welcome page you have a nice large 'welcome' and on other pages your page title is much smaller, keep it consistent.

also i dont like the black header image with the black car... maybe a sky in the background? take a look at 20:20 Properties, try and do something like that with your background...
Hi There

I love the layout it's nice to see a simple and clean fresh design where it's a case of Does what it says on the tin. However, I have a question you have some styling in your HTML code, why is this when you have a style sheet that could cater to all pages?

I'm curious more than anything else.


Robert Haylor

It's not too bad. I'd agree with [email protected] the styling in the style sheet. It's better for design purposes and for search engines when crawling your site. Also, I'd reduce the size of the menu on the left hand side of the page...'Testimonials' doesn't fit with the menu division and I'd possibly use a different font...something that is a little less aggressive and easier on the eye. Unless that is what you've been asked for then you're stuck with it.