Finding "related" colours?


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Hi colour-gifted people,

colour-challenged computer programmer here. I cannot figure out an issue regarding colours.

How do you find colours "related" to a given one? I've quoted "related" because I've used it in a special meaning I don't know the proper term for.

Let me explain. Suppose you have the bluish RGB colour "#002b36": what would this colour be if it were greenish, reddish, etc instead of bluish? How is such relationship among colours called? Is there a way to calculate such "related" colours? Should I convert the RGB encoding to something else, first?

I've tried permutating the R, G and B values, but that does not seem to be a solution.

Thank you.
You've got all the links right there off Boss ^

They're a great collection of links. I've been using Adobe Kuler to decide on a colour scheme for the living room/dining area.