Finding freelance work opportunities?

Grant Smith

New Member

I started my own business back in January last year and I've been doing alright, must be, I'm still in business! The reason for this post is because at present and since I started I've been getting work through existing contacts, it stands to reasons that I need to find new clients before the old ones start to dry up.

So to all the freelancer's out there who have been going far longer then me, how do you go about finding new work? Any pointers would be great.

Many thanks

Through those contacts you already have. See if they can put you in touch with their contacts, whilst you also spend time refining, marketing and advertising your website to attract new independent clients.

Look out for local business groups too. They can be hit and miss, but it's worthwhile getting your name out as much as possible.
Thanks! Yes been doing that, the business groups have turn up zero work thus far, so must admit I stopped going thinking it was a waste of time and money?

Is anyone using any online resources for work? I've found the odd one or two, but they are either of the 'design a logo for a fiver' variety or USA based, so again not very fruitful.