Finding a wordpress template.


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My new employer has chucked me in at the deep end and asked me to build a site for a customer using wordpress. I can cope with that bit but they've sent this link saying they want the menus to work in the same way and I'm struggling to find a template that's even close. I suggested using the source code from the linked site and re-building it but tbh, I don't have the knowledge to make something as complex as that in html5.

Is anyone able to offer some advice on where I might find a suitable wordpress template or at least what to search for?
Cheers Paul. I'd found a couple of tutorials using JQuery sliders but they don't quite work for my needs. Will have a look at your link when I get to the office & see if its something I can bastardise it work.
I've had a look and that's EXACTLY what I needed! My boss will be suitably impressed. Cheers..

(Dave bookmarks the JQuery site for next time).