Finally Finished - joomla + flash



critique pleez

I just launched this web site for client I picked up when I was in Sydney last year.. (im now in Bedfordshire)

BlakeCorp - Dare to Differ

Its a joomla based site which I am hosting for them. We purchased in the template and I had a painful time getting the flash widget and template changed to suit the clients requirements etc.

Anyway I like it. (Its my seventh website so go easy ok!!!)


Overall it's pretty good. Nice and clean, with clear headings and the flash animations add a bit of life to what could otherwise be a fairly plain site.
However a few little things I feel would make the site better are:
• The oversized quote mark on the testimonial is very pixilated. Saving it as a .png-24 instead of a .gif will solve that problem.
• Put some padding on the newsletter form inputs as they are touching (I'm viewing it using Chrome).
• Remove the hover effect on the footer quotes as they don't link anywhere, which could be confusing to visitors who may think they are broken.

Hope that is of some help :)