Finally finished it yesterday. Opinions?


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I've just learned the basics of HTML and CSS and I decided to put them into practice and create a website from scratch to host all of the designs I've created in College. If you do hate it, be sure to tell me how to improve it. I'm just a student starting out so even I knew it wouldn't be spectacular.

Here's a link to the site if you'd like to see the rest of the pages: Home | Alex Power Design
I'm not too sure why the image has come out small, so maybe clicking the link is the best option.

Many thanks.
You have got some nice designs in your portfolio. One thing i would look at is the kerning, in particular on your above and beyond poster where the text reads, a real space odyssey.

But other than that some nice work.
Oh wow, thank you so much! Yes, To be honest, the green Above and Beyond ended up having to be rushed because the project was moving on and I didn't have much time. There's a lot of changes I wish I'd have added to it, but thanks for the feedback. :)