Final Year Student: Minor/Major projects


Hey guys.

Im a student just starting my final year. No doubt you guys all know what the minor and major projects are in university if not here's a quick rundown. In the final year I have two competitions pieces to do and two projects that I write my own brief for: the minor and major projects. The minor project comes first and will be done throughout oct - nov. The Major will be my final project at the end of the year. It will be showcased in the final year exhibition. Alot of industry people come to look at the exihibition so the major is very important. Im just wondering if you guys have any ideas as of what I could do for them? I have been told to think of project that shows how graphic design could change the world. Hopefully you guys will come up with some cool, interesting things as Ive been thinking for weeks and cant think of anything cool that could make me stand out. Btw it can be any medium, print or web etc.

thanks for any help guys!
Start with something you're passionate about and work backwards - skiing, food, travel, reading - whatever. Then you'll put your heart into it.

By the way "How graphic design can change the world" is just the kind of nonsense college lecturers like to come up with. Answer - it can't. You're designing tomorrow's chip paper. Love what you do, do it as well as you can, but don't for one minute think it's important in the grand scheme.
Hey thanks the reply mate. I know, I don't think it can change the world either. I really love travel so that was a good shout. Just what could I do to do with travel that would make me stand out to others in my class when the industry folk come and visit?
Well you could go for trying to promote a destination that's not particularly fashionable - Beirut, for example. Or you could try and weave in a human interest story like the floods in Pakistan. Or you could link it in with the environment and look at green ways to travel, or not travel. Or promote 'staycations'. There's loads, that's just a few.
Thanks again for the ideas! Still need more but they are def on my list. Like the idea of promoting somewhere that isn't common, maybe Burma could be good lol. Any other ideas are than welcome mate, you're really helping alot, thanks again!