Final Year Graphic Design Project.. NEED HELPPP


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Hi im in my final year of uni and i need a brief for my final project, Its a 3 month piece of work so needs be something with a lot of scope but it can be anything there are no expections! im interested in music and lyrics and famous quotes and my work is usually typography based and ive done alot of branding stuff too! im really stuck on ideas! if anyone could help i really appreciete it!! Thankss Nathan
Does it have to be one single project? I'm doing several smaller projects for mine since I get bored pretty quickly.
Does it have to be one single project? I'm doing several smaller projects for mine since I get bored pretty quickly.

possibly not! its an open brief so i can litreally do anything ive seen the marking criteria and you need alot of research development and then final idea's like you would expect but i suppose it doesnt have to be one no, i think the tutors would recommend making them all related though in some sort of way. i want to something really big and in depth and to do with music/lyrics or even famous qoutes but i just dont kno what i could apart from simple poster designs
Are you familiar with the work of Craig Ward? He creates brilliant type treatments, and often illustrates music lyrics in this way. Take his "Paint it Back" piece for example. It's a visual pun. The words have been painted in a black-letter face.


Sean Freeman creates similar work too.
ive never seen any of craig wards work before but after taking a look have found it really inspirational! Im just not sure if it will be enough for the 14 weeks as a project just on lyrics. I saw his work on Hennessy the cognac and i guess i could possibly do a campaign for a product perhaps using lyrics? like a set of headphones? Also im really interested in hip hop and have written my dissertation on wether hip hop has had a negative or positive effect on modern culture, i wouldnt mind bringing hip hop into my work somehow i dont suppose you have any ideas on how i could or any projects within that? Thanks a million for your help!
With our final project we've been told to ask questions and get a deeper understanding of why something is the way it is. So you could maybe look at why lyrics have meaning to them, and how changing one word in a line from a song can dramatically change the power or the meaning behind the whole thing.

If we take the example above, would the line "I see a red door and I want to paint it green" have the same edge to it? What is it about the colour black that gives the lyric its' strength? The connotations of black and how we use it in a dark way perhaps?

Similarly you could change words to others that sound the same but have different meanings, and so change the whole concept behind a song. For example, in The Smiths song "How Soon is Now?" Morrissey sings the line "I am the son, and the heir", but this could be mis-interpreted as "I am the son, and the air", which obviously gives the song a whole new meaning.

FMP's (or the ones for my course at least) are very heavy on theory and development. We're told not to go into them with an idea for a final outcome, but have an idea that you can explore and experiment within to eventually come up with something that's driven by a deeper understanding.